Merry Liberty

London always fills me with inspiration. I didn't have any plans, so Christmas looking Liberty just appeared in front of my eyes and I couldn't resist. This store is the most stylish one I've ever seen. 

Chanel leather quilted slipcase is a fantastic unnecessary thing which I would buy if I would have a room full of gold. 

While walking in the jewellery room I found amazing pieces looking like wax seals by Pyrrha. I wish everybody would use wax seals for letters nowadays but having one of these treasures will make me accept the reality. Fox ring is also a real piece of art. Knowing that I am in love with anything foxy it is not surprising that I sticked to it for a great deal of time.

Ladurée. The way to enjoy Paris even inside of London. I love that they are changing their desserts each month and each month they are incredible!

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  1. this dessert looks fabulous!
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  2. I'd no idea they even had food in there!!! Stunning photos by the way!

  3. It seems to be a nice place. The cake look very pretty :D
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  4. Liberty is my favorite store in the whole world. I just want to hide out and live in it - up in the little sewing department room with the pretty windows:)

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