New Yorker chic

    ZARA t-shirts

Occasionally I ran into the Zara store on a Regent Street and wow! I found these classy New Yorker t-shirts.  iPhone photocamera is not the best choice but if somebody wants to volunteer and become my photographer I would be more than happy

Forever Chanel

Today I want to share my great experience from Harrods installation. It was all about Chanel! I guess it's better not to think how much money was spent on this event but it's definitely worth it.
The main course was the exhibition on the 3rd floor called "Chanel: Une Promenade". There were 8 rooms designed in different themes: Chanel garden (which looks like a place from Alice in The Wonderland story), Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel №5, 2.55 (room with several screens showing how the iconic bag is made), Toy room, Huge bag room, Dress room and Jersey jacket room. 
On the ground floor Harrods opened the special Chanel boutique with new collections and limited editions. Mmm... Yeah, I didn't leave this place without a crazy purchase.