Eccentric noir

Fcuk tee
Toy watch watches
Carvela boots
Flake stockings

Finally I created the look that was in my head for a long time however it's really risky. Unless you've got anorexia it's better not to go for it.

Initially (and still), I am looking for a loose long-sleeved tee instead of this one. Definitely with french stripes and definitely not made from "boat ropes" which I usually see. It will make this look easy to wear and even more chic. Hope I will post this updated version very soon and with Chanel temporary tattoos which I've recently got.

Merry Liberty

London always fills me with inspiration. I didn't have any plans, so Christmas looking Liberty just appeared in front of my eyes and I couldn't resist. This store is the most stylish one I've ever seen. 

Chanel leather quilted slipcase is a fantastic unnecessary thing which I would buy if I would have a room full of gold. 

While walking in the jewellery room I found amazing pieces looking like wax seals by Pyrrha. I wish everybody would use wax seals for letters nowadays but having one of these treasures will make me accept the reality. Fox ring is also a real piece of art. Knowing that I am in love with anything foxy it is not surprising that I sticked to it for a great deal of time.

Ladurée. The way to enjoy Paris even inside of London. I love that they are changing their desserts each month and each month they are incredible!

Get wrapped

Chanel classic bag
Gucci boots
Lanvin silk-satin dress
Rick Owens leather jacket
Chanel nail color 'Black Velvet'
Dontknowlabel cuff

Christmas is coming (has everybody prepared their credit cards or bags full of cash saved under their beds? 'wink'), so I am sure that everything above should be put together to make a perfect match. This is my chic and fantastically expensive WhishList from which Chanel classic bag will have its fund first, of course! Any sponsors?

30g of black

 Chanel monogram scarf 
Allsaints long-sleeved shirt
Pretty Ballerina ballets

My Uni has just started, so there was some break with blogging. But I'm baaack!
What can I say... Wow! That this is the most awesome scarf I've ever seen. I didn't plan to buy Chanel one because usually they hasn't produced monogram scarves. That's why I really was in love with LV and Fendi design but Chanel installation changed my plans. And who can resist a lucky clover?

At the beginning the staff didn't want to sell it as it was just one on the display but after a week they were wrapping one for me. Finally it is in my tenacious hands. So now I can rest and play Lola Bunny.      

New Yorker chic

    ZARA t-shirts

Occasionally I ran into the Zara store on a Regent Street and wow! I found these classy New Yorker t-shirts.  iPhone photocamera is not the best choice but if somebody wants to volunteer and become my photographer I would be more than happy

Forever Chanel

Today I want to share my great experience from Harrods installation. It was all about Chanel! I guess it's better not to think how much money was spent on this event but it's definitely worth it.
The main course was the exhibition on the 3rd floor called "Chanel: Une Promenade". There were 8 rooms designed in different themes: Chanel garden (which looks like a place from Alice in The Wonderland story), Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel №5, 2.55 (room with several screens showing how the iconic bag is made), Toy room, Huge bag room, Dress room and Jersey jacket room. 
On the ground floor Harrods opened the special Chanel boutique with new collections and limited editions. Mmm... Yeah, I didn't leave this place without a crazy purchase.